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Monday to go


24 February 2017

We all know that feeling; you’re looking outside of your window and all you see is a grey sky and big raindrops sticking to your window. We’re so done with all the rainy weather, but summer is still far away. Do you also feel like packing your bags? Enjoy this travel inspo: the botanical gardens of Singapore. Take your mind of the cloudy weather and get inspired for some insta shots. 

Since 2015 the botanical gardens of Singapore are UNESCO world heritage. The first botanical garden was planted by mister Stamford Raffles, as a Botanical and Experimental garden. Throughout the years the garden has been through a lot, for example the colonial occupation of the English, and later the occupation of the Japanese. Later the garden flourished by the help of naturalists and specialization and research. Each big change in Singapore has had influence on the Botanical gardens. And now they are better than ever.

Conclusion: the best instafeed ever. So next on the agenda? Right, Singapore.


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