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10 April 2017

We are a big fan of Ellsworth Kelly. That’s why we want to show you some of his unique art pieces; to make you an instant fan.

Who was Ellsworth Kelly?

This American artist from New York died 2 years ago at the age of 92, but we can enjoy the art that he left behind for a long time. Throughout his dynamic life he has made different kinds of art pieces, but most of his fame he got from his enormous paintings in bright color and clear shapes. Our basic assumption is that his art seems impersonal but there is more than meets the eye: his abstract works are based on nature and Kelly’s living environment.

“Making art has first of all to do with honesty. My first lesson was to see objectively, to erase all ‘meaning’ of the thing seen. Then only, could the real meaning of it be understood and felt.“

Ellsworth Kelly-                                                 

His abstract paintings are inspired by the interaction between light, space, color and the architecture around him.

Are you a fan yet? 

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